Upcoming Events

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology, Orlando, Florida, US (2016-02-10 - 2016-02-13)


IMMEM XI, Estoril, Portugal (2016-03-09 - 2015-03-12)

Disruptive technologies in Infectious Disease Epidemiology: the future

Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology, Munich, Germany (2015-04-26 - 2015-04-29)

Modern Diagnostics and Applications - From Bench to Bedside

European Society for Human Genetics, Barcelona, Spain (2016-05-21 - 2016-05-24)
Novel genome sequencing technologies
Nanopore sequencing

Past Events

Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands (2015-01-14)
Visit to van Schaik laboratory
Prospective and real-time genome sequencing for outbreak investigations
Hosted by: Willem van Schaik

VIB, Leuven, Belgium (2015-01-15 - 2015-01-16)
Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing: Tools and Technologies
What can we do with real-time nanopore sequencing?
Hosted by: Mark Veuglers

Biofrontiers Institute, Colorado, US (2015-02-10)
Biofrontiers Seminar Series
Real-time sequencing in clinical microbiology
Hosted by: Daniel MacDonald

British Columbia Centers for Disease Control, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2015-02-12)
Grand Rounds
Prospective outbreak surveillance with real-time whole-genome sequencing
Hosted by: William Hsiao

VanBUG, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2015-02-12)
Genomes from metagenomes: new technologies and algorithms
Hosted by: William Hsiao

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2015-02-13)
Special Seminar
Microevolution in Pseudomonas in patients and hospitals
Hosted by: William Hsiao

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (2015-03-05)
Evolutionary Genomics (3rd Year Biological Sciences)
Microbial genomics in the clinic
Hosted by: Aziz Aboobaker

ECCMID, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015-04-26 - 2015-04-26)
European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Genomics in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology: So I have sequenced my organism ... what do I do now?

ECCMID 2015 - So I have sequenced my genome ... what now? from Nick Loman

ECCMID, Copenhagen, Denmark (2015-04-27 - 2015-04-27)
European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
Meet-The-Expert: What bioinformatic tools should I use for analysis of high-throughput sequencing data for molecular diagnostics?

ECCMID 2015 Meet-The-Expert: Bioinformatics Tools from Nick Loman

University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK (2015-05-05 - 2015-05-05)
Balti and Bioinformatics

Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, Hinxton, UK (2015-05-06 - 2015-05-08)
Applied Bioinformatics and Public Health Microbiology

Oxford Nanopore, Olympic Park, London, UK (2015-05-14 - 2015-05-15)
London Calling
A Year of Happy MAPping!

London Calling: A Year of Happy MAPping 14th May 2015 from Nick Loman

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France (2015-04-20 - 2015-04-21)
Next Generation Sequencing of Viruses
Prospective, real-time nanopore sequencing for Ebola genomic epidemiology under outbreak conditions

Wales Microbiological Association, Swansea, Wales (2015-05-06 - 2015-05-06)
Summer Meeting
Prospective and real-time sequencing for outbreaks

University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK (2015-06-05 - 2015-06-05)
Recent Technologies in Microbiology

Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France (2015-06-09 - 2015-06-09)
Bioinformatics for Third Generation Sequencing
Bioinformatics approaches for real-time nanopore sequencing

Infectious Diseases Research Network, Royal Society, London (2015-06-18 - 2015-06-18)
An introduction to infectious disease genomics
Bacterial genomics

DeepSeq, Nottingham, UKa (2015-07-13 - 2015-07-13)
Midlands Sequencing Consortium Meeting
Nanopore sequencing

Michigan State University, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan, US (2015-08-10 - 2015-08-21)
Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Guest instructor

St. Jude's Hospital, Memphis, US (2015-08-21 - 2015-08-21)

Rapid pathogen profiling for outbreaks using portable sequencing

American Society of Microbiology, Atlanta, Georgia, US (2015-08-24 - 2015-08-26)
International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases
Bioinformatics and big data

Exeter Sequencing Service, University of Exeter (2015-09-01 - 2015-09-01)
Cream teas and long reads
Clinical and bacterial applications of long-read sequencing

Genome Science, University of Birmingham (2015-09-07 - 2015-09-09)
Genome Science 2015, chief conference organiser

Public Health England Annual Conference 2015, Warwick, UK (2015-09-15 - 2015-09-16)

Application of MinION technology to provide real time sequencing on the frontline in an outbreak situation: is classical epidemiology dead?

PHG Foundation, Royal College of Physicians, UK ()

Real-time digital pathogen surveillance

British Society of Animal Science, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, UK (2015-10-19 - 2015-10-20)

Rapid diagnostics by sequencing