Balti and Bioinformatics: 28th September 2016

Balti and Bioinformatics returns …….

University of Birmingham 28th September 2016

How to get here

Location: Room WG04, Biosciences Building, University of Birmingham

(From University Station, turn left, walk down hill, Biosciences is 3 minutes walk and on your left. Walk in and follow the signs, we are on the ground floor).


12.30 - Samosas and cha(a)t

1.30 - Science session

1.30 - tbc: Aaron Darling, iThree Institute, Sydney, Australia

2.00 - Doing bioinformatics: a user’s perspective: Lex Nederbragt, University of Oslo, Norway

2.30 - Tea and coffee

3.00 - Bioinformatics pipeline session

3.05 - Ansible versus Docker for packaging hard to run pipelines, Nick Loman, University of Birmingham

3.15 - Marius Bakke, University of Warwick, GUIX for Bioinformatics

3.25 - Shovill: The Spades Optimiser, Torsten Seemann, University of Melbourne

3.45 - Degust: RNA-Seq visualisation, David Powell, Monash

4.05 - Open discussion about pipelines

5.00 - Finish, taxis, balti at Dosa Mania, Harborne

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