Balti and Bioinformatics On Air: 21st January 2015

The plan this year for the triumphant Balti and Bioinformatics series is to alternate between virtual, “on-air” meetings (where sadly you will need to provide your own balti curry) and real life ones which will be mainly held in Birmingham, but may be in other places in England or Wales. Ideally I would plan to run 6 meetings a year.

So … to kick us off:

Balti and Bioinformatics On-Air

This meeting’s theme is open data and reproducible bioinformatics.

Wednesday 21st January, 4pm GMT (=11am EST, =8am PST, 00:00 China)

20 minute talks each (interactive Q&A through Google Hangouts enabled)

Draft schedule:

+0m C. Titus Brown, UC Davis: Self-interest: can it be a strategy for convincing scientists to share pre-publication data in a useful way?

+30m Scott Edmunds, GigaScience: New models for open data publishing

+50m Jane Landolin, Pacific Biosciences: Open Pacific Biosciences data for model organisms

+70m Michael Barton, JGI: for de novo assembly benchmarking and Docker

+90m Nick Loman, U. Birmingham: Nanopore data updates and the “poreathon”.

+100m Dave Lunt, University of Hull: ReproPhylo - Reproducible phylogenetics.

+110m Discussion (are we on the right track? Challenges? Containers and VMs - beneficial or the wrong direction?)